Robot Pablo Jumper

Dumped robot tries to escape scrapyard. Regardless of his damaged limbs, tries to save himself from the fate of ending as someone's tea kettle. Your mission is to help Robot Pablo to escape space scrapyard only by jumping on one leg!

Game made in 4 days for Godot Wild Jam #31 - unfinished though, but some playable content is available.

Source code available on GitHub:


Lethian (me) - Programming, Game Design, Animating
Jakub Judyn Nowakowski - Graphics

Also thanks for providing free sounds assets for:
- Music by Alexandr Zhelanov from
- Metal robot collapse from
- Robot punch from
- Additional sound effects from

Thanks for playing!

Made withGIMP, Inkscape, Godot
Average sessionA few minutes


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I love how simple this is. The sound effects were really well done and the timing made me laugh. The art is adorable too!

Thanks! We spent some time polishing the art, but there's still some issues with the gameplay and we'll try to resolve them after the jam.

The game is very excellent! I really like the idea, it is simple and very fun. The graphics and animation are excellent too, and the death animation/sound made us laugh a lot :) 

Only things is that the level with the red head is very difficult! I feel that it either needs that you make that jump easier or that there are unlimited lives (so that the player can try 100 times in a row!).

You're right, with life limit it can make the game way too difficult to finish, but we'll remove lives counter after the jam and we'll think to redesign the levels too. Thanks for playing!